Date: October 2020
Client: internship Arcadis atelier Landschapsarchitectuur &S Stedenbouw
Reason: Citizen initiative 
Project status: finished
This project was started because several citizens of a neighborhood, live in a housing block with a garage filling the inside. This garage will be shut down in the coming years and the property will be sold, the surrounding residents of this area would like to buy this property with the help of several foundations. The idea is to develop this property into a community space that is open to the public with a organic and DIY touch. 
This project is done during my internship at Arcadis in the Netherlands along with people from Arcadis and  the citizen initiative.
The entire project is run by the internship company, the images showed are created in assignment of the internship company unless mentioned otherwise.

These cross sections where drafted to show the residents the space that would be freed up, it was important to show the different heights in these cross sections as they will lay a role in the future concerning private/public relations and social security within the block.
Several mood boards were created to illustrate the ideas of the people and to be able to talk and discuss their wants and needs. These mood boards laid the foundation for the eventual design. 
The final design was created by one of the colleagues of Arcadis, The main task of me was to create the different visualizations and make a 3D model of the design.
I used Sketchup and AutoCAD to create an accurate model of the current situation, after this was established. The new design was created in the excisiting 3D model.
After building the 3D model in Sketchup the model is exported into Lumion in which all the textures and planting is added to give a more realistic look at the project. For this project several images are shown to clearify the design along with a video walk through of the garden.
This link will bring you to the video of the design